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Surgical Loupe, Medical Dental Loupe, Lab Loupe, and Engineering Loupe
Magnification: 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x, and 5.0x; Working Distance: 350mm,450mm,550mm; The 5.0x model can be flexibly adjusted to any working distance between 350mm and 500mm. The products have been in volume production since 1997 for custom-brand OEM, exporting, and domestic sales. The quality are the top-of-the-line on the market (both optical and hardware). Very affordable prices. Click the links below to see more details about specific models.
Model Mag. Aperture Working Distance Field of View Weight
(mm) (inch) (mm) (inch) (mm) (inch) (gram) (oz)
250 2.5 24 0.94" 550 21.7" 140 5.5" 77 2.7
300 3.0 27 1.06" 350 13.8" 80 3.1" 93 3.2
450 17.7" 90 3.5"
550 21.7" 100 3.9"
350 3.5 24 0.94" 450 17.7" 80 3.1" 77 2.7
550 21.7" 90 3.5"
 500* 5.0 13 0.51" 350~
100 3.5

* The 500 model has a adjustable working distance, which will be set to a custom specified value upon shipping.
** 1.0 inch is equivalent to 25.4 mm.
*** All parameters and features can be redesigned to fit custom requests.
       Titanium frame available as an option. High grade steel frame standard.
       The 500 models use alloy lens shells to ensure precision adjustment of working distance.
       All other models use high grade plastic and alloy components for strength and light weight.

Two-way Voting Machine Clickers for In-class Polling Systems (Voting Machines)
The Voting Machine (VM) is a two-way in-class polling system using multiple-choice questions. It allows a student to select multiple responses for a single question in a single transmission. Students can also assign a three-level confidence rating for each of the selected choices. This feature also allows the VM to work with ranking questions and multiple true/false questions. The VM is a two-way communication system. One receiver can handle up to 350 handheld units. The working range is up to 100 ft. Each transmission is immediately acknowledged to the hand held device. Instructors can also choose to automatically feedback to students about whether their answers are correct or not and give them a second chance.

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Magnifying Glass
Quality magnifying glass developed by our company can be used to appreciate jewelry and postage stamp, and observe fabric texture and printing reticulate pattern with elegant structure and legible imaging. Currently, our company has developed magnifying glass with multiple graduations which can be used to directly observe and measure the sizes of fine pictures. Custom design available.
Hand-held gold-plated magnifying glass:10X, entrance pupil diameter: φ16mm
Combined folding magnifying glass:10X,12X; entrance pupil diameter: φ16mm
Rotary folding magnifying glass:10X,12X;entrance pupil diameter:φ16mm
Gold-plated gift magnifying glass:3X;entrance pupil diameter:φ80mm
Astronomical Telescope
Objective Focal Length
Entrance Pupil Diameter
Eyepiece and Lens Attachment
H12.5,SR4,Erecting Eyepiece,
Tele Converters
H12.5,K25,SR4,Erecting Eyepiece, Tele Converters

This series products that were developed by our company in 1994 have been put on the market massively. This series products, enjoying short main body tubes, were ever exported overseas in 1997 up to nearly 20,000pcs. Mass supply of K25 eyepiece available.

Magnification Change and Single Angle Scope
The new product has 3X continuous magnification change and fully metal structure and can be used for tourism, shoot and long-distance monitoring, enjoying legible imaging.

Two types: one, Magnification: 15X-45X, entrance pupil diameter:φ60mm; the other, Magnification: 20X-60X,entrance pupil diameter:φ70mm; Nearest visible: 10m.

Your ordering, cooperation and technology transfer are warmly welcome!

Multifunctional Observation Scope
The scope is a kind of three-in-one observation scope consisted of single-angle 8X pocket-sized telescope, 25X long scope lens and 30X microscope lens, suitable for educational projects and entertainment purposes. 
Pinhole Lens for Hidden Camera
Pinhole lens for camera is used for monitoring and videotaping covertly.
Type A
Visual Angle
Objective Diameter -- 2.5 (mm)

Interface: custom design;

Type B
Visual Angle
Objective Diameter -- 2.0 (mm)

Interface: custom design;



Magnifier, Microscope and Polarizer for Banknotes (Certificates or Checks ) Checking Instrument;
The product has been manufactured massively and special requirements for new type can be satisfied.
Near field Lens, special purpose lens, and miniature CCD Lens
Focal Length: f'3.5mm~f'40mm; Visual Angle: Up to 90°; Relative Aperture:1/5.6~1/2;
OEM Optics, custom design, research, manufacturing and processing for optical equipment and components.

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